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Miscellaneous Environmental Sampling Products

Information for Ordering
Cat # DescriptionQuantity Price Order
T-100 100 sq cm template packaged in re-closable bag100 $125.00 Add to cart
T-50 50 sq cm template packaged in re-closable bag100 $125.00 Add to cart
GL-002 Co-polymar gloves size XL packaged in peel open pouch50 $90.00 Add to cart
BG-01459 18 OZ twirl tie sample bag, sterile 4.5” x 9”100 $35.00 Add to cart
BG-01559 24 OZ twirl tie sample bag, sterile , 5.5” x 9”100 $40.00 Add to cart
A40BPB Beef /Swine Carcass Sampling Kit w/ BPB 10 test / kit1 $110.00 Add to cart
A40BPW Beef /Swine Carcass Sampling Kit w/ BPW 10 test / kit1 $110.00 Add to cart

Sterile Exam Gloves

Sterile, co-polymer sampling gloves come packaged in an easy tear-open plastic pouch allowing for easy access and aseptic technique. They are packaged as a pair of gloves per pouch.

Sterile Sampling Bag

Our sterile 18 & 24 oz Twirl-tie style sample bags are easy to open and have a generous label area for sample identification.

Sterile Carcass Sampling Template

Qualicum Scientific Ltd/Solar Biologicals Inc. sterile carcass sampling templates are 100 square cm (10 cm x 10 cm) and made of rigid paperboard to stand up to vigorous use.

The templates are packaged in an easy open bag. Also available is the 50 square cm (10 cm x 5 cm) template for turkey carcass sampling.

Beef / Swine Carcass Sampling Kits

The Solar Biologicals Inc. Solar-Cult® bovine/swine sampling kit has been designed to contain everything needed to collect and transport ten environmental/HACCP bovine or swine carcass specimens for food-borne pathogen analysis. The non-destructive sampling procedure was prepared using FSIS/USDA Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Regulations.

Bovine/Swine Carcass Sampling Kit contains the following (sufficient for 10 samples):

  • Ten (10) sterile Solar-Cult® cellulose sponges pre-moistened with 10 ml buffered peptone water (Cat # A40BPW) or 10 ml Butterfield’s phosphate buffer (Cat #A40BPB), individually wrapped in tear-open, vapour barrier foil pouch.
  • Ten (10) vials of 15 ml sterile buffered peptone water.
  • Ten (10) pairs of sterile sampling gloves.
  • Ten (10) Twirl-tie sterile sample bags.
  • Ten (10) labels for sample identification.
  • Ten (10) sterile sampling templates (10 cm x 10 cm).
  • Instruction Sheet.