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Pre-moistened Cellulose Sponge Attached to Quick-Release Handle (SH10 Series)

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SH10NB 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SH10DE 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SH10BPW 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SH10LB 100 $250.00 Add to cart

Our sterile pre-moistened cellulose sponge with quick release handle is a convenient ready-to-use product packaged in a foil barrier pouch that provides excellent moisture retention and is easy to tear open. The cellulose sampling sponge with quick release handle is gamma radiated to ensure sterility.

The added convenience of the quick-release handle is that the sponge is released from the handle into the sample bag after sample collection, allowing only the sponge to be returned to the laboratory. Unnecessary parts that could interfere with sample processing are therefore eliminated.

To meet specific user requirements cellulose sponges with quick-release handles are pre-moistened with 10 ml of a choice of four different buffers. The product is packaged 100 pieces / box and include 100 sterile 24 OZ twirl-tie sample bags.

  • Neutralizing Buffer                          (Cat # SH10NB)
  • DE Neutralizing Broth                     (Cat # SH10DE)
  • Buffered Peptone Water                 (Cat # SH10BPW)
  • Letheen Broth                                  (Cat # SH10LB )