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Pre-Moistened Cellulose Sponge in a 120-ml Screw-Cap Vial (4 oz) (SV10 product series)

Information for Ordering
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SV10NB 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SV10DE 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SV10BPW 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SV10BPB 100 $250.00 Add to cart
SV10LB 100 $250.00 Add to cart

Cellulose sponges are pre-moistened with a choice of five buffers and individually packaged in 120-ml (4 oz) plastic screw-cap vials. The choice of buffers includes:

Neutralizing buffer (link)                             (cat # SV10NB)

Dey-Engley neutralizing buffer (link)        (cat # SV10DE)

Buffered peptone water (link)                   (cat # SV10BPW)

Butterfield’s phosphate buffer (link)        (cat # SV10BPB)

Letheen broth (link)                                                (cat # SV10LB)

Product Specifications

A 3″ x 1.5″ (7.5cmx 3.5cm) compressed cellulose sponge pre-moistened with 10 ml buffer of choice (see above) and individually packaged in a 120-ml plastic screw-cap vial.

Product Disposal/Storage/Shelf Life

See Technical Information for more details


  • Wash hands prior to using the sponge. Wear gloves to protect hands from conditions encountered during sampling and to also protect the sample from cross-contamination.
  • Unscrew the cap
  • Remove the sponge with gloved hand
  • Collect the sample
  • Return the sponge to the plastic container
  • Label the container with the sample details
  • Transport samples directly to the laboratory immediately after collection. If the collection and transport time to the laboratory will be greater than six hours or transporting to an off-site laboratory, use a cooler with ice packs or refrigerate the samples during shipment. DO NOT FREEZE.